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We arrived!

Well we have been on the road 5 days now taking our time to reach our destination in Kalispell MT. We are traveling by car this time with no camper so we brought a tent and sleeping bags. If the weather was good we would camp. Well so far it has been so hot we are doing the hotel thing. Boy have things changed. Even though they say breakfast there is none because of lack of help. You're lucky if you get a bar of soap and a small tube of shampoo. Well, we are two people traveling. There are only two towels for showers and one for hands and maybe if you're lucky again you will get a face cloth.

There is no hospitality anymore. You book online and show your driver's license. They give you a room key and no small talk. 😔

I know when we camp there is always someone wanting to chat for a bit or at least a friendly smile and a Hello!

Just goes to show you people are happier in the woods😉💚🌳.

I pray for our Country and our People because from what I see we need a very powerful intervention. I do want to acknowledge our farmers 🚜 for how hard they work their crops are beautiful. I love seeing the corn 🌽 the flowers 💐 and the other beautiful greens that I'm not sure of what they are. If I see a farmer I will ask them.😁

We arrived ahead of schedule but feeling a bit under the weather. We thought it was from being tired but it continued to get worse. Thank you to Cliff and Lisa they had some home testing kits they gave us. Negative on the that thank God. We are on the mend but lost some of our precious time here. Now we will move forward and set out to do what we came here to do. We did take little car rides to check out the area. Beautiful country here!

We are in the valley in a town called Kalispell. The mountain range south of us is where the Elmo fire is burning right now, it has been very windy so that just fans the fire. I pray for all who are helping to contain this fire and to all the people who's lives are being effected by it.

Let me tell you a little more about our travels up here. First stop Jack Daniel's Distillery If ever you are in Lynchburg Tenn you must make this stop and do the tour.

Then we visited a small town Bell Buckle Tenn. Recommended by one of my clients it was so cute.

Then on to Nashville Tenn. This is a fun place. Live music everywhere. Al could not wait to get to Blake Shelton's place Ole Red. As you can see Al is one happy camper... LOL

As we continued on we stopped in Riverton Wyoming where I met real cowboys at first I didn't know they were cowboys because they were wearing baseball caps...LOL Here are my friends JR and his son Tye. Tye is a multi buckle champion in roping.

We decided to cut through the Grand Tetons NP and Yellowstone NP we stopped at some places we visited last time we went there.

Old Faithful

Grand Tetons NP

Check out the guy on the back....LOL

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Remember to take a minimum 1 hour a day nature break for yourself.

Of all the paths you take in life,

make sure a few of them are dirt.

~John Muir

Peace. Love & Wonder

Donna & Al

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