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Pencil & Paper

Nature Journaling is an exciting hobby for me. First I go on a hunt. Then I observe if my subject is to far away I get out my binoculars. The process is always a rewarding one. On this day I was watching this alligator in the pond at the Botanical Gardens. When I arrived Ally had eyes closed and was resting and taking in the warmth of the sun.

Now the questions start? I notice Alligators like the sun , why? I wonder how old this Alligator is? How long is this gator?

It reminds me of an old leather couch or suitcase.

What happens to the nostrils when they go under water? It looks like they have a cover. I must look into this.

I start to jot down some notes.

Date /time/weather / location

Take a picture with phone or camera.

When I out Journaling I like to pack light so I use my phone.

Take a picture right away so you capture the moment you see things can change fast.

No for my pencil to paper.

I get the basic shape down first, detail and color will come later.

If your note drawing and you are more of a words person jot down a few key things that come to mind. You can always put it together later.

As I observed this day I notice two different sizes of offspring. So now my questions have to do with the mating cycle or are these gators that came frome someplace else? Do alligators stay in the same place ?

I am starting a nature journaling club and would like to meet once a month in the beginning. I will post it as an event on Facebook if you are noon Facebook email me and I will contact you that way. You don't have to be an artist to dothis this is for all ages. My observation skills have gotten better so my sketches have too.

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