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Forest Bathing

                                                                                                                 Vision statement 

                                                                                 To establish Shinrin-Yoku as a valuable modality in life.

                                              Our commitment to continue to grow, educate, and practice the way of the guide for future enrichment.

What is forest bathing? It is easier to explain by what it is not. It's not a naturalist hike or an endurance hike. It is simply a stroll using your senses to deepen your relationship with nature. Shirin-Yoku was founded by Dr. Quing Li in Japan in the 80's back by science there is many health benifits from spending time in nature.

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Mission statement 

To introduce as many people to Shinrin-Yoku to establish global wellness for both the Human and More-Than-Human world.

Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) was discovered in Japan by Dr. Quing Li in the 80's. In his research backed by science he documented what effects spending time in the forest has on our health.  We are in information overload and stimuli surplus. This has the same effect on our bodies that put us in that Fight or Flight mode. The sympathetic nervous system is engaged because of today's traffic, loud noises, congestion in cities. Stress hormones linger longer in our bodies which has a toxic impact.  Adrenaline and cortisol increases and stress levels rise. 

Forest bathing is beneficial to 

1.) Physiological Health

2.) Mental Health

3.) Emotional Health


A walk in forest can engage the Parasympathetic nervous system to relax our bodies, lower cortisol levels 

and boost our immune system, improve sleep and lower blood pressure.  These are just a few of the health benefits.  


For the creative arts:

 it will help with creativity and clear your mind of the daily chatter that sometime can block the creative flow. 


For students:

Clear your mind, clarity and focus, improve sleep and reduce stress.


What is a Guided Forest Therapy Walk?

It is a sensory experience in a park or gardens. Awakening your five senses ( maybe more) to deepen your relationship with nature. It is not a hike or a naturalist walk. It is a slow stroll with a series of invitations that can be expressed in whatever way the individual would like. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. We will join in a sharing circle after each invitation and you can share in whatever way you wish. We will complete our walk with a tea gathering and a final round of sharing before we conclude our walk.

Some shares after walks a few days later were:

"I sleep better and I don't have to take my sleep meds." KS

"I feel so relaxed." MD

"I noticed more in nature than I did before."DP

"I noticed my sense of smell was more intense with my eyes closed. " LL

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