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Unbelievable HEAT

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

So far we have been on the road for about six weeks and the heat just keeps on!

Las Vegas

On an average it was 113 degrees some times 118! The heat reading for the asphalt was 187 they were warning people not to walk their pets. Our air-conditioner could not keep up so we had to buy a window unit just to keep the RV at 95 degrees inside!!!!

We left Vegas and headed to Idaho where they are setting new records for unbelievable hot weather. At least Lake Walcott had water in it not like the other lakes we visited that were drying up. We had some crazy weather while we were driving here.

There was a funnel like cloud that touched the ground.

Hickman Bridge To the family we met while we were sitting under the tree trying to make the decision to continue on it that unforgiving heat this is for you. We waited til the sun was behind the clouds and we did the hike. Hope you see this. Let me know if you went to Bryce Canyon 😀

Even the deer were resting in the shade. This is by the apricot trees in Fruita, where we picked apricots right from the trees. 1lb $1 they were delicious 😋.

The fruits of Al's labor on the ladder he got us this fruit and my reward for the day right next to it😉

The ladybug 🐞 was so full from this flower she was enjoying she was laying on her back and still eating. 😆

These Petroglyphs were created by the Fremont Culture that lived in the area for 1000 years.

Seven falls .

Lake Wolcott Idaho

We kayaked on the lake then took a swim. It was wonderful.

This gang was having a blast just like a bunch of siblings do. There is always a leader and the rest will try to do what they do. Well I caught the action going on. I was hysterical watch this bunch. They were so tiny and full of mischief.

Pikes Peak

Now we are heading to Montana and we have to make a few stops because the lift jack on the RV broke 😔 is it ever going to end?? Watch the interview with Al here.

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How exciting to see those Petroglyphs. 😎 Raining here lately.

Replying to

Montana is Beautiful also. If you are going to go thru Arizona, I just saw this place on tv Arcosanti. It's 70 miles north of Phoenix. A new community. It looked interesting. Sustainable living. (???) Have a safe journey!




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