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The Countdown 5-4-3-2-1

Booking this trip was not an easy thing to do with all the COVID restrictions! Now that things are starting to open up more each state and or National park or State Parks are implementing their own COVID rules and the are changing all the time.

So we must check back and make sure all is set.

To check out National Parks

To check out Florida State Parks

There is so much beauty right in your own back yard! I encourage you to get in your car and explore these gifts.

Here is one for you to explore I love this app I have it on my phone for when I travel I can identify the birds I see. Here is a momma Common Gallinule feeding her babies. What a beautiful site.

Momma Gator watching me taking pictures of her baby!

Here is baby gator.

Gator pose!

Smile for the camera show us you pearly whites!!!!! Yikes!

Wheeee!!!! If I could only fly.... Rutter down wings up... LOL

As I was running around I decided to stop at this park and take a break and 3 hours later and tons of great nature shots, talked with many others who were enjoying too. I was so relaxed and had a blessed day!

Peace, Love & Explore


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2 commentaires

No I will let you know when it is 😘


Never lose your sense of wonder and your zest for life ❤ safe travels, I hope I didnt miss my appt!




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