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Take a peak at this!

Already August is coming to an end and I made sure I packed in as much as I can. I had a to do list and a must do list and everything else was as it was meant to unfold.

We were able to secure more vehicle passes for Glacier National Park so I am getting my Glacier fill. I am one happy camper.(even though we are not camping this time…. Lol)

These mountains speak to me and they hold so much wisdom. If one is very quiet 🤫 and listens you will receive many answers. When I walk among these tremendous trees I hear a different story. All my life I was driven to be my best to achieve the American dream but that only had me stressed, unhealthy and in such a hurried and frenzy daily life I missed all that was going on around me. Become a Certified forest therapy guide was what these trees told me last year when I was here. (well you know not exactly in those words) So here I am and what a different way of approaching life. I love sharing this modality with all the people I know. One of my plans was to try to offer walks in Glacier NP but as I spoke with Doug Mitchell Executive Director of Glacier Conservancy throughout the year last year I found out that it was not possible to go that route but in the meantime as my email landed in his in box so did Ellen Horowitz’s offering the same.. So Doug forwarded her info to me. I reached out to Ellen back in February while I was still in school letting her know I was going through the course and that I would be in Montana in August. So those who know me, yes I got in touch with her and we got together yesterday. We felt like we knew each other for a long time. We walked a path where she guides and we had a lovely time sharing stories and ways to market our new venture. I had made some connections here that I gave her and she shared some with me. I love this large family of guides. Ellen and I in front of Grand Daddy Tree we enjoyed 2 wonderful hours forest bathing and the more than human world performed a beautiful symphony for us.

We are staying in Kalispell in the valley. The hay is golden in color with the emerald green grass behind it and then the beautiful mountains. As I was driving yesterday I drove right past my turn because I was mountain gazing. If Al didn't say something I probably would have driven right to them. 🤣 They are always calling me!!

I wanted to check out some local art and artists as my drawing teacher Doug Land suggested before I left. I wouldn't have put this on my list but I'm glad I did. I found a book called Montana Cultural Treasures Galleries Museums Events Performing Arts.

Sandra Marker who organizes a plein air art gathering. I left my information so that she can get in touch. I received an email from her about a gathering on Tuesday at the Bibler Gardens. Wow, how awesome is this I thought so I sent her an email that I will be there. My supplies are limited but I didn't care I was going. So with some pencils, sketchbook, watercolors and camera I was ready.

I met 10 beautiful women who shared their talent and passion as we gathered together in the gazebo for lunch.

I forgot to mention when I was at the local farmers market a few days before I met a lady, Dianne Hinkler , who was selling her watercolor art. I grabbed her card to forward her information about the plein air event and she came too.😁 I will try to collect cards from all the artists so if you want to see their work.

Coming back from Glacier NP one day I stopped in an art gallery in Hungry Horse the artist Michael Booth is known for his breathtaking landscape paintings. I notice in the majority of his paintings he always puts animals in the scene. When people come here not only are they looking at beautiful unforgettable views but we all want to see wildlife and Michael makes sure you always do in his work. I got to see some of his newest style of art called paint pour combining realism with an abstract background " Buffalo in Dancing Sky" . I still continue to struggle with landscape art.

I did draw Chief Dan George. Still a work in progress….

I am trying my fly fishing skills and having fun with it at Lake McDonald.

Al bought me a paddle board for my birthday, excited to give it a try. The water is about 68 degrees in Lake McDonald I could not feel my legs after I got out of the water. Lol

Here is some more great news. I found out I am having a Grandson in February!!!! On one of my hikes I saw this tree. I had to send it to Talia, the mother to be.

Here are some photos I was able to capture so far. Enjoy!

Going-to-the-sun-road Glacier NP

McDonald Creek

Lake McDonald taken from Apgar Village

Look what I got for dinner.


Mountain Goat

Shedding winter coat. Look how thick it is!

"The Offering" A tree with it's hand out offering the plant inside. This one warms my heart.

I was able to capture a swan heart.

One of our lunch spots overlooking St. Mary's Lake

Have a safe holiday weekend and remember to hug a tree or a human.

Peace, Love & Explore

Donna & Al

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