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Oak Mountain SP Alabama

Oak Mountain SP in Pelham, Alabama is a hidden Gem!! Not sure how you can hide a 9,940 acre park, with its wild life refuge and education center. It treats over 100 different species of birds from Alabama. This facility treats over 2000 patients each year and most of them are released back into the wild. There are three birds that are way past their life expectancy if living in the wild. Ages 25, 27 and 28. Here are two of them.

Oak Mountain Interpretive Center is a 2,500 sq ft learning center with live displays of snakes, fish and turtles and exhibits.

This park is an outdoor enthusiast play ground. With an 18 hole public golf course that is rated in the top 50-75 public golf courses by Golf Digest magazine.

A day beach area with nice sand and pavilions and paddle boat rentals. This amazing park offers camping facilities as well. Their campsites are somewhat level their bathroom facilities need an update. They offer laundry facilities too.

For the Equestrians they offer Horseback riding with Equestrian camping.

With trails and tracks that will keep you adrenaline pumping you will find Mountain bike trails, BMX track and road riding.

You can never run out of things to do here....

Flip side water park is located with in the park. Check out this cable water sport park with a huge water slide.

The best part about traveling is the people you meet here is Berta Bonardi and Ludmila Cosio-Lima two wonderful ladies we met on our way up to hike to Peavine Falls. I am glad I was able to capture their vacation memory and send it to them. Berta have a wonderful summer traveling Europe please keep in touch with your travels. Ludmila keep in touch. :)

Until next stop

Peace, Love & Explore


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Thank You Donna, beautiful pictures and I also liked the back story!

Replying to

Thanks Pat. Pictures have been few because of weather. How is the weather there? Its hot a very humid here 😫






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