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How To Find or Create Your Own Sit Spot.

As I continue with my studies to become a Certified Forest Therapy Guide I am learning so many wonderful things I would like to share with you. I think everyone should have a sit spot. This is a spot where you can go often an

d you can have more than one. I have a few and hopefully will find more that call to me. For now I will share these with you to give you an idea on finding or creating your own. I had this spot for a while but never realized how it was helping me reduce stress and get a better nights sleep. My plants are all from friends and as I tend to them I always send my gratitude to them on the wings of a butterfly to let them know how grateful I am for them being in my life. It brings me great joy to have this little oasis.

Here is another sit spot. This is a

oak tree in the botanical gardens. This tree was very sad when I first started sitting with it, now it has a very happy feel to it.

I started out sitting with the Kapok tree pictured below. I called this tree Nana because it reminded me of my grandmother. I felt comfortable in the big root arms like I was being hugged. I miss our conversations and I feel when I share with this tree I am sharing with her. One day while I was sitting there I had this overwhelming feeling and heard my grandmothers voice say go sit with the oak tree and make it your friend. So I did and the oak tree is still my friend. I feel so recharged when I spend time at these spots. Here is my inside sit spot that I use for drawing and watching the birds at the bird feeder and to read.

Now that I shared with you my spots, lets talk about why a sit spot is important. We can learn a lot by observing animals. If you have a dog or a cat I'm sure they have a favorite sit spot that they can be there for hours and relax. You can bring nature inside with potted plants and things that you are drawn to from the outside, like rocks , leaves, branch. The main thing is that you only take what is on the ground already do not cut or pluck or dig up anything. If you have a flower garden and you want to cut fresh flowers that is fine. Create your space to however feels right to you. Mine is always evolving. Your indoor space can change with the seasons too.

Your sit spot will be your special place for reflection, gratitude, meditation, prayer, or for whatever you feel you want to do.

I will share on my private Facebook page Sit Spot Scrolls for you to enjoy. These scrolls are invitations for you to use in a way that is right and meaningful to you. There is no right or wrong way to express yourself. You can journal, draw, sing, dance, sit in silence. If you feel moved to share an experience please feel free to share it with me either in an email or on the private facebook page.

I am at my indoor sit spot right now writing this blog. I just finished my first mixed media painting and feel pretty good right now. Art is forever evolving just like me and my relationship with nature. I make it a point to start my day with gratitude. I started a list in my journal because it is forever growing.

Years past I never had time for this practice and boy I wish I would have made it a number one priority, my life would have had more clarity and less stress!!

Anyway I am here now, AWAKE with still alertness. WOW what is that all about. well as a dear friend has shared many things with me she also brought me back to Eckhart Tolle you can always find something good here.

Here is some of the best indoor plants for clean air living

Place on or two of them in your home near your sit spot to bring the outside in and receive all the wonderful benefits these plants have to off and offer them gratitude for their health benefits.

So let's get into how the sit spot works. This special place is where you sit and let all the mind chatter go. Yes forget about your shopping list , the dog, the cat, the daily run, sit and clear your mind. If you are new to this it might take a little longer and some practice but soon you will be able to get all that mind chatter out in about 20 min this is the sweet spot where you can really make things happen. Once you arrived there read your scroll. Now ponder that thought for a while. You can keep a journal of things that may come to you. Draw pictures, write songs, sing songs, dance or just be with it in that moment.

Listen to this video Write down the Scroll invitation "BE HERE NOW!"

OK now let's give it a try. Go to your sit spot. See you in 20 minutes or more. Enjoy

I will be posting future Guided Forest Therapy Walks on my Facebook page

Peace, Love & Explore


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