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Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Our first day started with a 448 mile drive that wasn't bad because it was Monday Memorial Day. We gained an hour crossing over the Central Time zone.😃

Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou SP was a former WWII gunnery and bombing practice range.

You would never know this by the beauty of the long leaf pines some over 300 years old. Beautiful magnolis every where you look with their big white flowers in bloom.

The grounds are spotless the shower facilities are clean, heated and cooled. They have laundry facilities and a great book exchange. This is one of my favorite things to do when we travel. I find so many interesting books.

You can find out more information about the park her

For reservations

We took a beautiful nature trail hike and enjoyed the day. We finished with lounging by the Rocky Bayou on a sandy beach.

Niceville Florida is not far from Fort Walton and very close to Eglin Airforce base where they test, develop and deploy. Learn more about it here

It was a short stay at Fred Gannon and now

we are in Alabama getting some work done at

Al spoke with the owner and even though we were from out of state he was more interested in customer satisfaction and fair pricing instead of just making money.

It is always something 🙄 Al has been finagaling with this trailer since he bought it. Ugh!!!

Hopefully this will be it but I doubt it.

When camping for 4 months on the road you must go with the flow. So right now I am, I am sitting in the truck with my phone plugged into a solar charger ( SoloForce outdoor Emergency Power Bank and writing this blog as it powers me.🤣

I'm getting good at using all kinda apps on my phone. I'm waiting for my YouTube videos to upload so I can attach them next.

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So nice to hear from you Must be sooo exciting Donna you will be able to write a book on your travels and experiences when you have finished travelling. Sure wish you were headed this way,love to see you and I could use a good haircut ha ha. Would also treat you to lobster as it is lobster season. Take care. Stay safe. Hugs. Shirley and Walter

Replying to

Hi Shirley and Walter We had Canada in our plans but CV19 changed that. Hopefully I will get to see you next year. Miss you. Hugs




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