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This trip has been so far a fight to survive!

Hello my friends Hope all is well with everyone. I will get to post some pictures soon problem has been no service where we were staying. Let me see my last post was about Oklahoma and The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. Well it all started when we reached Muller SP in Colorado. It was rainy everyday but we made the best of it. WE decided to take the truck up Pikes Peak 14,115 elevation and weather can change very quickly up there and it did. They had to close down the observation deck because a storm was coming in and what a storm we drove through rain and hail coming down the mountain.

Pikes Peak was a place I always wanted to see ever since I saw a car commercial on TV about 15 years ago and I looked up where the commercial was filmed and it said Pikes Peak and I said I have to go there some day! Well Al made that dream come true for me. They we setting up for the road rally that was going to take place the next weekend so I even got to see the start line for the race!!!! How exciting is that! What a great time.

This is where our fight for survival begins. As we go to higher altitude things start happening. Our hot water heater started giving us a problem so Mr. Fix It got on it in between the rain drops. Here is my interview with him..... LOL

While we were in this area we visited Gardens Of The Gods, Seven Falls and some nice little towns like Manitou and Colorado Springs.

Because we were having a problem with the hot water heater we had to change our next stop from Rocky Mountain NP to Cheyenne SP they were forecasting rain and snow in the mountains and where we were staying we had no hook ups. No heat!! Yikes

Cheyenne Mountain NP was a cool place to stay. WE were on top of an underground city where on an average day 350 people work there. This is where they control all the Nuclear missiles.

We then headed for Black Canyon Of the Gunnison where more things started to go south again. Our truck broke down as we were waiting for a camper to pull into their spot Al turned the truck off and when he went to start it it would not start. The Ranger gave us a jump and we were able to get into our space. But now we are on top of a mountain with no cell service!!! He tried to start it the next day but nothing all the dashboard light were doing crazy things on off on off. The ranger told us there was a Toyota dealer in Montrose so we jumped on the motorcycle and rode down there. Al spoke to Todd in service and he filled out a ticket it was the last day on Al's warranty. We scheduled for a tow the next day, they came and picked up the truck and took it to the dealership. It was a bad cell in the battery all fixed and back on the road again.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison is beautiful.

We then headed to Capital Reef and Grand Escalante Petrified forest

Pictures will follow but the service is so slow its hard to upload images.

Now we are in Las Vegas its 113 right now but by 5 pm it will be 115 and they say its a dry heat! are you kidding me. Yesterday it was 122???? Really! When we first got here our A/C would not work it was unbearable. We had an AC guy look at it but he didn't see anything wrong with it. Al figured out by process of elimination it was our surge protector that was fried. So we plugged directly into power source and it worked but we did not want to leave ourselves unprotected because this park has a lot of power surges so we headed out to get one and all is good now.

One thing I have learned while living on the road for a while is you better know how to fix things because they are always breaking! Just when we thought the fixing was done we can back from the pool and we smell propane.... yup you got it the line blew a hole in it. Al went back to the RV place again and got a new one and replaced it.

So now I have you all up to date. If you get a chance let me know if you are getting my pictures and emails.

Peace, Love & Explore


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OMGosh!!! Its a good thing Al knows how to fix things. And I always get your pictured and Blogs. So enjoy it all.

Pat L.

Replying to

Pat we just had to put a window AC in because our big unit couldn't keep up. It's never ending.




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