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Our Beautiful Country

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Photographing on the back of the motorcycle was a challenge, but fun.

Settlers cabin at Capital Reef Utah

Juniper Berries

The last place I left you at was we were heading to Montana! I LOVE MONTANA!!

Glacier National Park is my #1 I can't get enough of this place. Unfortunately the wild fires in the west created a smoke sky that made it very difficult to see the mountains and breath while out doors. We still made the best of it. Every time I go to Glacier NP I learn more and I like sharing it with you. This was my second time there and not my last.

Now Glacier NP has a podcast on YouTube here is a link that will get you there. While I was listening to the pod cast they spoke about Ben Cosgrove listen to him here I found some new music for my spa room.

I also subscribed to Glacier Book Club and Glacier NP Conservancy. This keeps me up to date on what is going on in the park now and history of the park. I love the book club because you listen to the authors of the book describe what influenced them. I just purchased Blackfeet Tales of Glacier NP by James Willard Schultz.

What we never learned in school..... The Indian Nations I will continue my blogs to go into this in more depth because there is just so much to tell you about. Here is some of the Historical marker on Highway 2 from Glacier NP heading East on the Lewis and Clark Trail Check it out.

As we were driving along and I had cell service to pass the time I would look for the Historic markers and see what it was and googled it. These were just a few that we saw

There are also markers explaining the land and the mountains like Sweet Grass Hills

I picked up a copy of Glacier Journal to read while I was resting from a day of hiking. Get your copy here and stay connected.

Our National Parks have so much to offer I am obsessed with Glacier I know but your park will connect with you in the same way. Whether you visit the park in person or virtual from home I urge you to explore!

How Many Big Horn Sheep do you see? If you send me the right answer you win a prize!

Here is the same group grazing.

Wildflower slide show

Smoke from the fires. Very thick and hard to breath.

Weeping Wall Thankful it was later in the season and the flow of water was not in full force.

From this view the horizontal line on your right is Going-to-the-sun road.

Momma & Baby Mountain Goat

This goat is people watching and they don't even know it....LOL Take time to STOP_LOOK_LISTEN_and take in all that is around you.

Avalanche Lake

Goldeneye Hooded Merganser

All the trees that are down are from avalanches.

Lake McDonald from Apgar Village

This points to the mountains in the picture above to tell you what mountains you are looking at. This view is from Apgar Village.

As I go through my photos I will add more to my site. I hope this inspires you to explore.

Peace , Love & Explore


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