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If you are planning to visit Oklahoma it would be in your best interest to visit and get one of their travel guides. We stayed at Lake Eufaula SP and Foss SP. These were quick stops as we made our way cross country.

one thing I learned about Oklahoma is that it's one state with many nations and a lot of Indian culture. I read that 39 American Indian nations have their headquarters in Oklahoma more than any other state visit to read all about it. I found this very interesting.

Moving on.....

Texas Lake Meredith Recreation Area

The view was beautiful we were high up on a ridge of a dam with a spectacular view but it was very windy. The weather turned wicked early morning on the day we were leaving

On the road to Colorado The Great Sand Dunes

These were some of the great people we met on our hike up the dunes.

What a wonderful experience. These dunes are over 440,000 years old! Book your trip today

Heading for Muller SP Colorado next

Peace, Love & Explore


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Donna. Unbelievable what an adventure. Love all your pics. Shirley

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Thanks Shirley we are having a great time.

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