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Lake Ouachita SP Arkansas

A boaters paradise with 40,000 acres of beautiful water this lake offers a wide variety of water sport fun. Fishing, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Water Skiing, Wake Boarding or simply just relaxing on your house boat.

This state park has accommodations like camping and cabin rentals. They are very pet friendly. Shower facilities are clean and well maintained.

Arkansas weather in June is hot and humid high in the low 90's. We had rain for the first few days that we were there so we drove into Hot Springs to check out the town and the mineral baths. We drove to the top to check out the view but it was socked in could not see anything the tower was closed because of zero visibility.

We kayaked on the lake the next day it was beautiful but hot so we came back for a swim. This is the perfect setting for just relaxing.

Took a bike ride to the marina to see whats involved in renting a houseboat for a possible next vacation, how much fun would that be??? :) So we stopped in Wake Zone Luxury Houseboat Rentals to see what that was all about.

So the whole time we were there we were not sure how to pronounce the name of the lake so we asked one of the guys at another park we drove through and he said he pronounced it Pronounced “Wash-ah-taw”

I said to Al there is no "W" in that word. Now I know how it got it's name find out here very interesting.

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This was a beautiful place would like to return with a boat next time😉


Lucky you. Looks. Beautiful. Shirley and Walter.




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