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Keeping Fit On The Road

Keeping fit on the road is not an easy thing to do considering that you don't really have a routine and you're not on your daily schedule.

Each day is a different day maybe a different time zone. So you have to be creative, you have to be flexible and you have to plan for certain things especially if you are on the road for a while.

Planning out meals and shopping before you go into your campground and being able to make sure that each meal is balanced and you have all your supplies.

I create a list on my phone so I don't forget it back at camp. When I have WiFi service I look up new recipes.

It's easy to fall into junk food, snacking and unhealthy foods.

I love when travelling that you can find so many fruits and vegetable stands along the roads and different States that offer different great finds like duck eggs, goose eggs and fresh farm eggs. At least you know they'll always be a Walmart wherever you go.

Yoga stretching

Keeping an exercise routine is extremely hard so you have to use what you got. My favorite is the picnic table because you can do sit ups , push ups, bicep dips, leg lifts, step ups, inverted push ups, scissor kicks, lower ab crunch and I'm sure you can think of more.

I try to stock up on all my supplies but I will probably have to give Laura a call at and she will ship me all my supplies when I am in a location that I can get mail. Doing business with local stores give you the personal service that you need. Knowing Laura will be able to send me my vitamins and supplies puts my mind at ease because I can't find this on the road. Thank you Laura for great customer service. Shop local even when your not local!!!

I would also like to give a shout out to my dear friend for the wonderful germ juice that smells amazing and keeps my hands somewhat germ free while traveling in and out of public restrooms on the road. Check out her amazing space and classes.

Til next time...

Peace, Love & Explore


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As always so nice to hear and travel with you Donna. You are a wealth of knowledge I am discovering things also as you travel along. Take cafe , travel carefully. Looking forward to next update SHIRLEY

Replying to


Discovering new places and meeting people are so much fun. We are in Oklahoma right now my next two blogs I am writing this am to catch up I'm already behind. Lol Stay well talk to you soon. Hugs




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