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I can't believe this! I'm sooo Excited!!!

My training is almost over! Where did the time go. I started this journey January 7th, 2022. What I have learned is life changing for me. Some people are blessed with a natural connection with our planet but for me I had to learn how to cultivate this relationship. Actually the truth is the trees called me the last time I was in Montana at Glacier National and I said I would be back.

Let's start at the beginning. I joined Glacier Conservancy book club when I returned home from our last visit there. I was so fascinated to learn about the Blackfeet people from the east side and the Kutenai people from the west side that I wanted to read up on them as much I could. In that process I was in a zoom book club with Florence Williams who wrote a book called the Nature Fix. I was in awe of what she was saying. She spoke about Shinrin Youku and Forest bathing what in the world was this all about. So as I was taking notes she mentioned Dr. Quing Li who was the founder of Shinrin Yoku back in the 80's. This is where it all took off for me. Florence mentioned ANFT Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and said was was going to be certified by them. I thought wow this is made just for me. So when I was all excited and nothing was going to stop me I went on ANFT and saw there was an application to be filled out first. Oh NO!! I know nothing other than Cosmetology for 41 years!! I didn't know what to expect so I jumped off that site like it was a hot stone.... I couldn't stop thinking of it so I tried again I filled out the application to the best of my ability and hit send!

I checked my mail three to four times a day a few days later there it was the acceptance email I was excited and nervous all at the same time. January 7th I was in training with 30 other people plus my trainers Tam Willey and Nadine Mazzola with Blue Spruce Cohort. This was the perfect fit for me because it was the trees that called me and here I am in Blue Spruce Cohort.

My journey is just beginning and I will go where the forest leads me. I love the fact that this is a perfect fit in my world as it is today nothing has to change. As we prepare to head out again I will try to offer some Guided Forest Therapy Walks virtually and you can find them here

In every walk with nature,

one receives far more

than he seeks.

John Muir

Conservation is a great moral issue,

for it involves the patriotic duty of

insuring the safety and continuance of the nation.

Theodore Roosevelt

See you in the woods

My new given name " Earth Fairy" by one of my walkers on my guided walks. :)

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