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Already Changing Route and we didn't leave yet!!!

Well here we go like dealing with all the COVID restriction wasn't enough now this and we didn't even leave yet, already we have to change our course. It is very important to subscribe to travel updates and alerts so you will always be informed of travel advisories.

Getting this information ahead of time gives use time to plan and avoid big delays. So this is our situation the I40 Memphis bridge that goes over the Mississippi river is closed both ways. Read about it here

This is a main artery for the trucking community that deliver goods to the east and west. This bridge is traveled heavily so they are expecting major delays in deliveries. UGH!!!

Knowing this we will take an alternate road. We have been over this bridge before it was scary then!! Now looking at the size of the crack it makes you think even more when going over any bridge. I never worried about things like this but now it will be in the back of my mind and a quick prayer will be said before going over any bridge.

Peace, Love & Explore


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